Ad banners (also known as banner ads) are one of the most dominant forms of advertising on the internet. Banner ads are a form of display advertising that can range from a static graphic to full motion video.

Creative constructed in standard web-image formats, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG or HTML5 executions of any of the dimensions listed below are considered standard banner ads. Such creative may be hosted by ACM Digital’s internal ad-serving system or delivered via JavaScript redirect tags hosted by a third party ad-serving vendor.



Standard display banner ads

Please refer to the display advertising guidelines for general rules!

NameDimensionsBase File WeightRich Media File Weight
3rd party ad served only
File FormatPlatform
MREC (Medium Rectangle) 300 x 250px150KB (GIF, JPG, PNG) / 80KB (HTML5)150KB Initial loadGIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5Desktop & Tablet
Half Page300 x 600px
Leaderboard728 x 90px

HTML5 Deliverables

When supplying HTML5 files, in addition, please always supply a backup image (JPG, PNG, GIF) of the same dimensions to cater for devices that may not support HTML5.

Where can this run?

View the “Australian Community Media's Ad Product Site Matrix” to see what sites this product can run.

Lead Times

Please deliver all creative assets at least 3 business days prior to start date.

Fairfax reserves the right to change the specifications without notice at any time.



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