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27 June 2017

Connecting your business to our audience through the power of storytelling


Why you need a story
Your business may need a story for a variety of reasons. Your story can educate your target audience directly. Your story can raise awareness for your service & product. Your story can establish your business through thought leadership amongst your competitors. Your story can build positive sentiment toward your business and your brand. Or your story can do all of this and more.

What is a Sponsored Story?
Your sponsored story will be a canvas to tell your story via a dedicated article on Fairfax’s websites and in our newspapers. We creat stories that are relevant for your audience and customers. These articles are created in the same look, feel and tone as our editorial. This means the trust our readers have in the news stories we deliver every day, is reflected in your story 1

What’s in a Story?
We can produce content which aligns to the values and interest of your business. Your story will be published online to the ACM mastheads of your choice and run over a course of time determined between you and your Fairfax point of contact. Optional visual storytelling elements such as image galleries and infographics are available to enhance the reader experience. Opportunities to run your brand’s advertising on the article page are also available.

How can we share your story?
There are many ways we can present our customers’ stories online to make something as individual and engaging as they are.
Specifically designed sponsored editorial content which resonates with readers is a fantastic way for your business to get your message and brand out there while providing an enjoyable experience for your target audience.

We have many solutions available including:

Long read articles
One of the most effective ways to deliver a lot of content is a long read story of 800-1000 words with images, galleries and interviews which all help create a complete snapshot for your business. A long read is also a useful tool to present a “step-by-step” guide about a subject.

Short read articles
Short read articles of between 300-600 words are another great way to tell a story. They can also be a newsworthy story. Shorter and punchier in nature, they’re a great way to deliver smaller grabs of information

Social Media - Co-Branded Facebook Ads
Co-branded Facebook Ads can be used to raise awareness and help drive reader traffic to your online content. The posts appear outside of a masthead’s regular news feed but include the masthead’s name. The customer must have a Facebook page as well and is included in a “with partner” line on the post. The post is labelled “sponsored” and can be targeted to reach certain demographics.

Listicles are a way to tell a story quickly and often with humour and lots of colour. For these reasons they are popular in social media with organisations such as BuzzFeed using them for a huge range of topics and to great effect.

Competitions are a great way to invite engagement with content that links to a sponsor. A story can be added to the competition page to add substance and background. The competition can run alone or as part of a bigger campaign. Social media is a great way to promote and drive entries to your competitions.

Quizzes can work on their own or as part of a greater campaign. They are especially popular on social media and smartphones.

Timelines are a great interactive device to keep readers engaged longer on the page as they click through each stage along the line. Videos can be added to timelines, which makes them a wonderful choice for customers whose businesses involve music and movement. To give variety, a combination of stills and video can be used.

Image Gallery
Galleries and gallery walls can stand alone or work well as part of a long read story and are a simple yet effective way to engage readers. Galleries are an extremely popular section of our sites.

Polls can be added to the bottom of any story to increase reader interaction and to reveal attitudes that may be of interest to advertisers.

Interactive graphics
Interactive graphics can be produced to demonstrate a wide range of topics and can be produced for any customer. They’re a great way to drive engagement and increase interest in your article

Fusion maps or pushpin maps are an interactive tool that can be used as part of a bigger story or as a standalone piece.

We can embed a short video of your choice into an existing story or as a standalone. Videos can be provided by the customer or our journalist can produce basic videos for you needs.

Landing pages
For a larger campaign we can build a landing page to house all the related content together. The landing page will have a click-through pointer in a designated spot on the front page of the website. In order to justify a landing page, a commitment of nine pieces of content is required. This can include stories, galleries, multimedia or interactives. Display advertisements can be sold directly to these landing pages, giving the customer an added presence

Each of these can be adapted to address your special needs and shine light on areas of your business rarely illuminated.




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