Powerful reach to the Australian primary industry

12 February 2017

The QARS - Quantitative Agricultural Readership Survey conducted throughout July and August 2016 confirmed that ACM Agricultural Weeklies are still the leaders in rural news.

The research surveyed the decision makers (owner/managers) on Australian broad acre farms around the country.  This research has been conducted on a regular basis since 1997.  The consistency of the results and the identification of trends that correlate with real market developments are proof positive of the veracity of the QARS product.

QARS shows that a farmer’s consumption of media is different to regional and metropolitan people. A major reason for this difference is lifestyle and restricted internet connectivity. The farming lifestyle varies with the type of agriculture a farmer is involved in. Seasons, weather and market conditions will also affect the routine of farmer on a daily basis, making them more complex to reach. It is difficult to effectively connect with farmers using the same media mix and placements used to target the metro or regional market who both share a similar ‘9 to 5’ routine during the week.

The ACM Agricultural Weeklies reach an unparalleled 84% of farmers every month proving print to be the most effective platform to target this sector.  Supporting, reinforcing and extending the print reach are the websites of these masthead publications that provide current market prices and weather forecasts which is essential daily information for decision making in farming businesses.

Australian farmers are reading our papers for over an hour each week. They read 78% of each issue not just the commodity area they are involved in and refer back to each issue approximately 3 times.  While circulations have declined due to farm amalgamations over the years our core readership of farmers has stayed consistent and strong (see below) being less affected by digital media than their metro and regional counterparts.

Reach trends 1997 to 2020:

NETWORK REACH82%82%84%82%85%79%78%

Targeting rural Australians in the most effective way requires a combination and integration of media. This unique group of Australians live their values, with a hard work ethic, integrity and honesty, they are not easily persuaded. You must engage them, earn their trust and be consistent to be successful. Our agriculture network – North Queensland Register, Queensland Country Life, The Land, Stock & Land, Stock Journal and Farm Weekly – have a strong powerful connection with rural Australians. Traditionally they have been in the household and read for generations. They are valued for being a trustworthy, reliable and an unbiased source of information. Our content is quality and business decisions are made from our papers and websites. In such a unique market, we know that by using our long standing connection with farmers, and years of industry knowledge our team can exceed your expectations in delivering this market to you. We will do all the leg work for you. Using current and reliable research we can bring you up to speed with this market and offer strategies that are imaginative and effective. Our commitment and relationships with our customers are ongoing and not short lived. We will deliver service that reflects our pride and integrity in our work. We are genuinely passionate about rural Australia and we know how to develop powerful and long lasting relationships with this community.




Karen Rogers
Agricultural Research Manager
Australian Community Media
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