We’re a part of a driving culture and this is evident across our audience with 199,000 ACM readers planning on buying a new car this year. With an average purchase price of $44,000 we aren’t talking small change – it amounts to a potential market of $8.75 billion across our audience.

Key takeouts include:

  • 1 in 5 new car buyers are ACM Readers

  • Mid tier new car purchases are the segment of choice for our readers with 3 in 5 purchases from this segment.

  • Newspapers play a major role in the decision process. They are ranked as the paid media most useful for helping to make financial decisions amongst ACM readers.

  • SUVs are the model of choice across ACM readers with 40% of them intending to purchase one this year. This is a fast growing segment experiencing double digit growth in the last 12 months.

  • Car buyers go to through 4 purchase stages over a 37 week period before their purchase. 1 in 2 buyers have their decision influenced by news media. For more information download NewsMediaWorks Automotive Path to Purchase.

To view the ACM New Car Buyer information click the link below.