ACM Demographics Audience Study

Australians are a diverse bunch... and ACM readers are no different. But when we look at our audience as a group we can see a progressive thinking, well educated group. They’re more likely to be retired but those working are predominantly white collared workers and they share the concerns of many Australians – regardless of where they live.

We can profile ACM's readership in order to identify their key characteristics. Audience profiling enables ad targeting based on life stage. This level of detail allows for differentiated product campaigns. Our Insights team can be leveraged to deliver value.  

Key insights include:

  • They’re professionally employed in a range of industries and a lot of them are in the market for new jobs.

  • ACM readers are culturally aware and progressive thinkers with a concern for politics with a special concern for regional Australia.

  • $90,000 average household income

  • The majority of workers are employed in white collar industries

Download the ACM Demographics Research Report to get the full picture.