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Acknowledged as Australia’s leading rural weekly newspaper, and one of the world’s great farming publications, The Land has achieved prime position with New South Wales farmers since its launch in 1911. It has become the standard of excellence for all other publications due to its blend of on-farm material, market reporting, analysis and hard-hitting comments.

This publication uses a T84 Modular layout.

Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | Total Readership: Print readers per month | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Jan 2019.

Source: QARS 2019 (Quantitative Agricultural Readership Survey of broadacre farm owner/managers)

Print readership

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Print overview

Trust and credibility are at the heart of our local mastheads, with many serving their communities for over 100 years. These titles are at the heart of regions they serve. The strong connection they enjoy with their audience is based on the trust they have in us to provide relevant news and information.
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Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Jan 2019 | Figures are Average Issue Readership.

Total digital readership

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Total digital overview

The trust in our brands is extended to our digital assets in all their forms. Our digital first approach to publishing and a sophisticated mix of print, digital, apps and mobile, positions our mastheads to be the key communication point in times of fire, flood and crisis as well as the pivotal daily focus for our local residents’ news and business offers.
Source: Neilsen DC | Feb 2019.

Desktop readership

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Desktop overview

Viewing our sites on desktop allows our readers to immerse themselves in their news. It provides a powerful platform for businesses to deliver engaging high impact advertising.
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Source: Neilsen DC | Feb 2019.

Smartphone readership

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Smartphone overview

Australians love their smartphones and our lives increasingly revolve around them. Our audience’s favourite way to consume ACM content in a digital format is through their mobile. It gives them access to the latest local news, sport and entertainment anywhere at anytime.
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Source: Neilsen DC | Feb 2019.

Tablet readership

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Tablet overview

The optimal blend of news on the go while enjoying the entire experience of our sites.
Source: Neilsen DC | Feb 2019.


The Land EGN Rates

Section: PrintRate ex GSTRate inc GST
Display EGN, per module†$243.00$267.30

The Land Classified Rates

CCM Mono†$24.50$26.95
Property CCM Mono$19.45$21.40
Property Full Colour Loading$330.00$363.00
Stock & Clearing Sales CCM Mono$18.10$19.91
Stock & Clearing Sales Full Colour Loading$330.00$363.00

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† Display EGN includes colour
*Digital rates are based on a 20% Share of voice (SOV) for a 1 week appearance (Monday to Sunday)
Classified rates are per column cm (CCM)
† Sliding Scale Rates apply for Colour Classifieds. Please contact your Account Manager
Property and Stock & Clearing Sales are now 8 Columns



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The AdDrop portal is a free service for all ACM customers. All material will be processed through our preflighting workflow. An email notification will be sent confirming a successful upload or supply a report for unsuccessful material.
Please ensure you have your Booking ID and height of advertisement to be able to upload your material.

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Section: PrintDeadline
Booking4pm 4 days working days prior
Cancellation4pm 4 days working days prior
Supplied Material2pm 3 days working days prior

Section: Clearing Sales, Stock & PropertyDeadline
Property10am Friday
Stock & Clearing Sales3pm Friday

Section: DigitalDeadline
Booking3pm Monday week prior to live date
Cancellation4pm Tuesday week prior to live date
Material: Gutters & Superking Gutters5 working days prior to live date
Material: Other digital display ads3 working days prior to live date


Booking Deadline3pm Thursday 2 weeks prior
Insert Delivery Deadline3pm Thursday 1 week prior
Rate per 1,000Up to 4 pages A4 80gsm: $270 per insert plus GST
4-8 pages A4 80gsm: $300 per insert plus GST
8-12 pages A4 80gsm: $360 per insert plus GST
More than 12 pages A4 80gsm: POA (Min. charge $400 plus GST)
Delivery Address27,120 copies to:
ACM Print and Logistics North Richmond
159 Bells Line of Road, NORTH RICHMOND NSW 2754

2,500 copies to:
Attn:Publishing Manager,
54 Pioneer Road
Yandina, Qld 4561

Check the Insert Specifications page for all requirements before supplying inserts.

Inserts must be delivered no later than five working days prior to the print date or the inserts may be rejected.


Please ensure your inserts have the correct pallet tag attached for delivery

Due to the number of inserts processed at North Richmond all inserts must carry the correct pallet tag or the delivery will be rejected from the site. Once the print site has been notified of your booking you will receive a booking number and pallet tag from site. If you have not received your pallet tag please contact Shane Scotland at 

All commercial insert bookings should be booked at least 2 weeks prior to your publication date. Inserts will need to arrive at our site no later than 5 working days prior to your print date.  Any late inserts or inserts which are not booked in cannot be guaranteed insertion into your products.

North Richmond insert capacity has a maximum of 48 pages for all inserts in an issue.



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