The Walkley Awards 2016

Independence is at the heart of our journalistic philosophy. It's always a privilege to have that integrity honoured at the annual Walkley Awards.

Below is the full list of awards won:

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs: Newcastle Herald Team – Newcastle Herald – The Foam and the Fury


The Walkley Awards 2014

Sports Journalism: The Newcastle Herald’s Robert Dillon


The Walkley Awards 2013

Gold Walkley: The Newcastle Herald’s Joanne McCarthy

All Media Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs: Chad Watson, Joanne McCarthy, Ian Kirkwood and Jason Gordon, Newcastle Herald, “Shine the light”



The Walkley Awards 2012

Journalism Leadership: The Border Mail  for its “Ending the suicide silence” campaign spanning breaking news, feature stories and social media.

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs: The Border Mail team