Meet John and Carol – both enjoying an active retirement.

John and Carol are both in their late 70s and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, socialising with their peers and reading the local newspaper.

For these two, accessibility is key, from grocery choices (pre-prepared meals) to holidays (cruises) they are willing to pay a premium for the hassle free option.

They own their home and draw income from their savings and investment property along with a small pension. Combined with discounted basic living expenses thanks to their senior cards, their income gives them a high level of discretionary spending,

"I use the local newspaper to keep up with the community and local businesses."

John and Carol are frequent purchasers of pharmaceutical, personal care and insurance products.

Family are important to them, they travel to visit their grandchildren and great-grandchildren every other weekend, purchasing gifts and treats along the way.    

John and Carol influence their peer group, either through tea with the neighbours or through Carol's book group.

Key Stats

ACM Total Audience
Australian Reach
  • 78
    Average age
  • $47,000
    Average household income
  • 1.9
    Average household size
  • 125
    Weekly supermarket spend
Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Jan 2019 | Neilsen DC Feb 2019.