Introducing the Taylors a large suburban family.

They're a big family; Mum, Dad, three kids, two dogs, one cat... what next? Probably an SUV, or a treehouse, or a trampoline; depending who you ask.

It takes a lot to feed such a big group and Mum is constantly on the alert for new supermarket bargains, she's a promiscuous shopper but could be swayed by a good rewards program.

If the kids aren't at school they're in swimming lessons, or ballet, or football. Whatever the new hobby is they'll need the latest kit.

"But Mum... Everyone else has one!"

Saturdays are a whirlwind of activity; kids birthday parties, orchestra recitals or visiting the grandparents. But somehow Mum still finds time to meet up with her girlfriends for a glass of wine while Dad watches the kids... in the intervals of the footy match. Sometimes he gets to watch the game live with his mates, stopping off at the TAB first for a quick flutter on the match before hand.

When they bought their house they knew it was a fixer-upper. Dad spends the weekends renovating with his new power tools, or repairing his beloved ute. 

The only thing the Taylors need now is a domestic package holiday, they're scanning their local paper for offers. Can you influence them?

Key Stats

ACM Total Audience
Australian Reach
  • 42
    Average age
  • $112,000
    Average household income
  • 4
    Average household size
  • $151
    Weekly supermarket spend
Source: emma conducted by Ipsos MediaCT | People 14+ for the 12 months ending Jan 2019 | Neilsen DC Feb 2019.