This format offers advertisers unique ways to engage with our audience. Please speak to your account manager to discuss customisation options. See below the details of these premium advertising products.


Product Rules

Expandable Leaderboard

Format: Expandable Banner
Platform: Mobile
Dimensions (Width x Height):
Banner: 320px X 50px
Expanded: 320px X 480px


Expandable MREC

Format: Expandable Banner
Platform: Mobile
Dimensions (Width x Height):
MREC: 300px X 250px
Expanded: 320px X 480px



Format: MREC
Platform: Desktop (Cross Screen)

Dimensions (Width x Height):
Container: 300px X 250px

Assets Required:
Image1: 300px X 250px / Image2: 300px X 250px / Image3: 300px X 250px / Image4: 300px X 250px


  • Up to 4 URL’s can be used (One per side)
  • The Cube only spins at one speed and can not be altered
  • We don’t recommend applying an Animation eect


ScrollX Classic

Format: ScrollX
Platform: Mobile
Dimensions (Width x Height):
Container: 375px wide X 667px deep
Safe Area: 40px from top and bottom


  • You can only add text, button, image and hotspot.
  • You can replace an element with an asset of the same file type.
  • Preview the creative to experience the interactivity.
  • Animate option is enabled only for button, text and image.
  • We don’t recommend applying an Animation eect to a pre-animated element.
  • A pre-animated element cannot be scaled, moved or subjected to any other property changes.


TruSkin Classic

Format: TruSkin
Platform: Desktop
Dimensions (Width x Height):
Header: 1040px X 250px
Footer: 1040px X 100px
Side Skin Right: 460px X 1080px
Side Skin Left: 460px X 1080px

Please take into account the Safe Area when designing your artwork. Anything outside this will be cut of on smaller screen resolutions.

Mobile Truskin

Format: TruSkin
Platform: Mobile
Dimensions (Width x Height):
Header: 375px w X 110px d
Footer: 355px w X 100px d
Sides: 10px w X 667px d

With how thin the gutters are we recommend using a block colour or a basic gradient for maximum impact.

Best Practice

  • Choose the right file format for images - JPG, PNG, GIF

  • Keep image size to maximum 500 KB

  • Always design twice the 2X size for retina displays

  • Upload custom fonts to follow brand guidelines

  • Use web-safe WOFF font format

  • Make sure the font size for key messaging is not less than 14px



  • ACM supports 3rd party built Billboards via 3rd party redirect tags. Please refer to applicable 3rd party adserver for build guides/specs


  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Rich Media Reporting dependent on options selected


Lead Times

2 business days lead time.

Creative specifications can change at any time – always refer to the ACM AdCentre.



Robbie Gibbs
Head of Digital Sales – National
Australian Community Media
0405 073 571 Email Robbie Gibbs