These print specification are to assist with the preparation, creation and supply of PDF files for advertising use.

They are applicable to all T44 MPNG modular tabloid newspapers. We reserve the right to request artwork to be resupplied if it does not meet our specifications.

Please ensure your advertisement is supplied to the exact size that is booked. 

Please do not supply artwork with crop marks or bleed on newspaper ads. 


Mechanical Specifications

  • Measurements are given in millimetres and are as height x width.
  • For a downloadable guide to ad-size specifications, please refer to MPNG M44 Specifications (PDF) file.

M44 M11M11
90 x 62

M44 M12M12
90 x 129

M44 M21M21
185 x 62

M44 M13M13
90 x 197

M44 M31M31
280 x 62

M44 M22M22
185 x 129

M44 M14M14
90 x 263

M44 M41M41
375 x 62

M44 M23M23
185 x 197

M44 M32M32
280 x 129

M44 M24M24
185 x 263

M44 M42M42
375 x 129

M44 M33M33
280 x 197

M44 M34M34
280 x 263

M44 M43M43
375 x 197

M44 M44M44
375 x 263

M44 M48M48
375 x 550


MPNG Classified Column Widths

CLASSIFIEDS: 36cm x 8 column layout

General Minimum Requirements

  • Colour and greyscale mages must have a minimum of 150 pixels per inch at the final used size.
  • Single colour bitmap images should have a minimum resolution of 600 pixels per inch or be vector based.
  • Colour images must be saved in CMYK format and should have the mid-tones lightened.
  • Shadow areas in images must not exceed a total of 230% ink weight.
  • Solid colour mixes should not exceed a total of 230% ink weight.
  • Design and images should allow for a 30% dot gain.
  • Only CMYK colours should be used (Not RGB or LAB).
  • Type smaller than 10pt should not be made up using more than one colour.
  • Type smaller than 10pt should not be reversed.
  • Type should be no smaller than 6pt.

Ad Specifications and Deadlines

Please note all verbal bookings, alterations or cancellations must be confirmed in writing prior to booking deadlines. Alterations or cancellations after deadline may not be accepted and charges may still apply.

Failure to supply material resulting in an advertisement’s non appearance will also incur charges.

Earlier deadlines may apply to individual sections and preprints. For detailed deadline information, please refer to the individual mastheads listed on the left navigation panel. Earlier deadlines may also apply to accommodate press and production time lines, especially around and after Public Holidays.

Please check individual brand pages for booking and material deadlines.



Print Advertising: Supplying your PDF  to MPNG

The MPNG group includes: Frankston Times; Mornington News; Southern Peninsula News; Western Port News and Chelsea-Mordialloc-Mentone News.
MPNG accept material via the following services: Quickcut; Adsend and Adstream
Alternatively you can email a pdf to



Refer to individual brand pages for booking and material deadlines.

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions when booking your campaign with us.