Native. Premium. Viewable. Born for Mobile.

This award winning inRead format instantly delivers premium video inventory in to any long read editorial article on any device. Natively integrated into premium content, inRead champions the user experience with viewable and non-intrusive video advertising.

Respecting the User Pays Off

Forcing users to watch ads does not work well. 2/3 of pre-roll videos are seen less than for 2 seconds because users escape. In comparison, outstream video ads are entirely respectful of the user experience. And you only pay when a user is watching!

User-Friendly Advertising

Our non-intrusive outstream video advertising solutions are entirely respectful to the user experience. They make the decision to watch or to ignore the advertising.

Viewable by Design

Our advertising formats are built around visibility, launching only when in view on a user’s screen.



Resolution:max 1920*1080 – min 640*360
Maximum file size:20 mb
Video formats: mov, mpeg4, mp4, avi, wma etc
Length: 30 sec max (additional technical fee for ads > 30 sec)
Aspect ratio:16:9 (4:3 not supported)
Codec: Standard Video Codec formats accepted
Not supported:ProRes 4444, HDV 720p60, Go2 Meeting 3&4, ER AAC LD, REDCODE
Sound: on
URL redirection:
OR VAST redirect
Click command


ACM built Streaming Mrec

  • Video file
  • Image for Top and Bottom section
  • Click URL / 3rd Party Click Tracking
  • Optional 3rd Party Impression Tracking
  • Backup image

3rd party build

  • Third party tags to be sent to Fairfax


The following applies to ACM built Streaming Mrec only, third party Video Rectangles may have their own metrics.

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Rich Media reporting
    • Exits (clicks)
      • Video clicked
      • End Logo (shown at end of video)
    • Counters
      • Click for Sound
      • Replay Button clicked
    • Video Events
      • Quartiles (Start, 25%, 50%, 75%, complete)
      • Player controls (Play, Pause, Mute etc.)
      • A full list of reporting available on request.


Lead Times

10 business days lead time.

Creative specifications can change at any time – always refer to the ACM AdCentre.



Robbie Gibbs
Head of Digital Sales – National
Australian Community Media
0405 073 571 Email Robbie Gibbs