ACM Buyout includes Billboard, Gutters and MREC and Pos 1


The ACM Buyout is a high-impact and high-reach, collapsible loading custom ad placement available on ACM News mastheads’ homepages (,, and others) arching side to side between the homepage’s navigation bar and content pane. Please speak to your account manager to discuss customisation options. As a premium product, this execution is packaged with the top position Medium Rectangle.

Dimensions and Specifications

(W X H)
File SizeFile FormatNotes
Initial Phase970x250px150KBHTML5, GIF, JPG, PNG

  • 3rd party redirect tag serving animated content AND

  • static image of the animated content
    (delivered directly as a hard file)
  • Animated

  • no looping

  • maximum 10 seconds duration

  • optional replay button

  • Capped at 3 impressions / UB / day (by Fairfax)

Dimensions and Specifications

MREC300px W x 250px DHTML5 150kb & GIF, JPG, PNG 150kb each Screen reader support enabledHTML5, GIF, JPG, PNG*Yes3 Business days prior
Half Page300px W x 600px D
Dual Ad slot + 300px W x 250px D
MREC to be supplied for mobile view
HTML5 150KB & GIF, JPG, PNG 150KB eachHTML5, GIF, JPG, PNG*Yes3 Business days prior
Leaderboard728px W x 90px DMax 150KBHTML5, GIF, JPG, PNG*Yes3 Business days prior
Gutters125px W x 700px D eachMax 150KBJPG, PNGNo5 Business days prior
Billboard970px W x 250px DMax 150KBHTML5, GIF, JPG, PNGYes5 Business days prior
Mobile Banner320px W x 50px DMax 150KBGIF, JPG, PNGYes5 Business days prior


ACM’s Technical Operation team assembles the final execution from the following components:

  • 3x 3rd party redirect tags
  • 3x image files showing the first frame of the animations

Please note that collapse / expand functionality is handled by ACM’s internal framework, hence no such controls are required, nor should these be implemented on the creative.

Where can this run?

View the “ACM Ad Product Site Matrix” to see what sites this product can run.

Lead Times

Custom executions, bespoke solutions and where advised require 10 business days lead time or longer.

Your Account Manager will advise you about creative lead times at the time of signing your booking.



Robbie Gibbs
Head of Digital Sales – National
Australian Community Media
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